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Realize 100mg D9 Live Resin 10ct Gummies


100MG THC per pouch


10MG THC per gummy

Get ready for blast-off with these delicious live resin and strain specific gummies. Made with Realize technology for fast onset performance. Delta-9 THC from hemp.

Realize 100mg D9 Live Resin 10ct Gummies

  • Fast-Acting

    POW! Like a rocket ship. Effects as soon as 20 minutes.

    Live Resin

    Gummies are made with live resin, the freshest essence of each strain.

    Delta-9 THC

    This is the chronic. 100% Hemp-Derived, Farm Bill Compliant


    Great For

    When you need YOU time

    A walk in the park

    A daytime buzz

    Socializing with friends


    Adult use only 21+ to purchase